Notebook Product Introduction

This business leather notebook is made of high-quality PU materials. The commonly used specifications are A5, A6, which are custom-made. The universal colors include black, brown, blue, and dark brown. The colors can also be customized.

The notebook is packed in paperback, suitable for enterprises and institutions to customize, customers can rest assured to map custom, logo imprint is clear, a strong sense of three-dimensional, using imported hot stamping paper, rich in color and pure color, can not lose gold powder, can be excellent for your company Promotional promotion effect;

The cover is made of selected PU leather, and the inner page is suede. The PU surface is high-grade and simple. It has a very stylish style. The effect of the product is exquisite and meticulous. The leather is soft, and the leather inside and outside is not easy to be warped. It can be bent without deformation. Can print corporate QR code;

The inner page adopts active binding, the page-turning is light and not easy to take off the page, the rivet is fixed, and the inner page can be replaced at any time without restriction;

In addition, the inner page adopts the standard 70g beige Daoolin paper, which is comfortable to write, not glare, no ink, no ink, can protect eyesight, customers can rest assured that the content of the inner page, including color pages, core, such as company profile, Color page promotional materials can be customized.

The inner page has 80 pages and 160 pages, and the number of pages can still be customized.

Can be used in the process of platinum, hot stamping, ordinary indentation, silkscreen, color indentation, and red gold.

This custom logo notebook is made of materials that conform to fashion trends and new business trends, making it an excellent choice for both gift-giving and personal use.

Please feel free to consult with us, we can design and arrange for you, providing professional customized services.


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