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1. FAQs of Wristband

As a type of silicone bracelet, the debossed wristband is created using a customized mold that is expertly crafted with your idea. Your message, logo, or other designs are engraved or curved in silicone wristbands. The text shall be the same color as wristbands, with a slight color change due to the texture of the engraved portion. These would be the most cost-effective option as well. It is the most popular type of wristband. This type of wristband remains to be the best choice to promote different charities, especially after the success of the Livestrong campaign.

Debossed ink-filled
Debossed ink-filled silicone wristband can help any wearer make a statement. We can fill your wristbands texts in any color you imagine. Now you even can use your chosen color for consistency along with your brand color or event theme.You can use such a style to help you spread the wrold of your adbocacy and still appear fashionable.

The embossed wristband is also a type of silicone bracelet that has designs that are physically raised higher than the rest of the accessory’s surface. The opposite of the debossed wristband, your message, logo, or other designs are raised on the wristband instead of being engraved, so your designs should stand out more compared to debossed wristbands.

Embossed color printed
Embossed color printed silicone wristband has surface designs that are slightly raised and oil-sprayed with the color of your choice. Your message, logo, or other designs will be not only be raised on the wristband but will also be on your desired color. Raised fonts can be read easily with color options.

Printed wristbands are the wristbands of your economic quick choice. Your message or Logo or texts easily get imprinted through the modern edge with our computerized screen print machines on your designed bands. Plus we have a Spot Pad Printing option that allows you to print your tricky logos with multicolor. Pad printing option Will allow printing’ adjacent or overlapping colors on silicone wristbands.

Blank silicone wristband are silicone bracelet that don’t have printed, embossed or debossed designs. But they can still custom colors and sizes if need. Because of fast delivery, it is the best choice when you need them urgently.

Dual layer
Dual-layer is a special type of silicone wristband. The dual-layered wristbands are a special type of imprinting where we will oil spray the outer part of the wristbands with your desired color while keeping the original debossed portion the same color as the original wristbands. The wristbands will have a glossy texture due to the oil spray, and they will look more unique.

Tyvek Wristband
Tyvek wristband is made of flash spun high-density polyethylene fibers. It is famous for its water-resistance and tamper-proof feature. Tyvek was first invented by Dupont in 1955 and was first used in the building industry. It was introduced for commercial purposes in 1967. And since then, it has been a usual alternative for paper, especially if the paper is not strong enough. It has a lightweight feature and is tear-resistant.

Glow in the dark
Light up the night with our glow-in-the-dark wristbands! These stretchy glow-in-the-dark silicone bracelets can last for years and are made for extended use and wear. Our custom glow-in-the-dark wristbands are designed to help you promote events and organizations so you can get your name out there, day or night!

Temperature-sensitive bracelets change their original color to another color when they reach a certain temperature, and return to their original color when they return to normal temperature.

Uauslly, we have no MOQ for customize your own silicone wristband. But We recommend at least 100 pcs for each design to keep the cost at a reasonable rate.

2. FAQs of PVC Gifts

Desent Gifts can supply many types of PVC gifts, like pvc keychain, pvc fridge magnet, pvc patch, pvc photo frame, pvc coasters, and pvc luggage tag. Also, welcome to consult us if you have any other requirements.

3. FAQs of Metal Gifts

Soft enamel takes about 3-5 days less to produce than hard enamel.

We show unlimited virtual layouts as part of the proofing process once you complete checkout. We do not begin production until you have approved a final layout.
We are happy to make any adjustments you’d like during the proofing process. You can also change the artwork entirely as long as production has not started.

4. FAQs of Other Gifts

As for a professional promotional gifts supplier, besides wristband, we also have lanyard, notebook & pen, resistance band, and bandana.

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