What Do You Know About The Many Uses of The Lanyard?

ID Card Lanyard

In our daily life, we often see the staff will bring the card to work

At this point, the lanyard becomes an indispensable accessory.

You can customize the size of the lanyard, but putting your logo or website on the lanyard is perfect. The holder can then be inserted with a card on which the user can write his name and contact information.

Lanyard for Trade Show

When people attend a trade show, getting publicity and sales is our main purpose. Raising awareness of your product or service is difficult when attendees don’t know who to speak to. You can use branded lanyards at the next trade show to make it easier for attendees to start a conversation.

Making the lanyard bright and eye-catching is quite important, remember to include your company logo and slogan printed on both sides of the lanyards. You should also have an ID card on the front so people know who they are speaking to.

Lanyards for Staff Badges and Employee ID Cards

One of the most common uses for lanyards is to keep conference badges handy when attending events like trade shows, lanyards are used daily in many industries for staff badges and ID cards or with another specific purpose in mind.

Lanyards for Medals

In sports events, we usually use medals, and another component of the medals is Lanyards. We sew lanyards on one end of the medals so that people can wear the medals well. In addition, we will be able to print our logo on metal To show our company, enterprise, let more people know about us.

Custom Lanyard For The Right Purpose

  1. For short term use like conferences and trade show participants event access badges, choose light-weight lanyards with a split key ring attachment for the badge pouch
  2. Choose full color lanyards (usually called satin lanyards) for personalizing with more detailed graphics and full color photography
  3. Use sturdy lanyards with a safety breakaway and detachable clip for long term daily use like holding keys and ID tags for manufacturing and maintenance teams or coaching staff
  4. For staff members in after-dark and low-light areas like night security teams consider reflective lanyardsbadge pouch for ID lanyards

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