What is the difference between Soft Enamel and Hard Enamel

Appearance is different

-Soft enamel
The texture is the least smooth and uneven, and the coloring is clearly recessed.  Soft enamel with epoxy can replace hard enamel.

-Hard enamel
Belong to colophony kind, touch the smoothest, the most level off, the color looks silkier.

The production process is different

-Soft enamel place is to first color polishing and then plating.

-Hard enamel place is to first plating and then color polishing.

The production time is different

Hard enamel takes about 3-5 days longer to produce than soft enamel due to its more complex manufacturing process.

The price time is different

Soft enamel is the cheapest of the two, Hard enamel costs more, so the price will be higher than soft enamel.

In general, soft enamel and hard enamel have their own advantages and disadvantages. Customers can choose the corresponding process according to their different needs. But no matter which process the customer chooses, we will show the abstract design to the most perfect finished product.

Looking forward to your amazing design!


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