PVC Fridge Magnets

PVC Fridge magnets are a very popular advertising gift, especially suitable for kitchen products, hotels, restaurants as advertising promotional gifts.

Why PVC Fridge magnets are popular mainly because of its following advantages:

  • Bright colors
  • Various shapes, can customize cartoons, landscapes, corporate logos and other patterns
  • Excellent quality, strong magnet adsorption, not a one-time product
  • Commemorative
  • Small product, suitable for long-distance transportation
  • Applicability is strong: beautiful, if it is more practical as a bottle opener

What do we need to do before custom PVC Fridge magnets?

  • Determine the color of LOGO, LOGO, we make products according to Pantone color card, so to improve the best Pantone color number
  • The more the quantity, the more favorable the price.
  • Special packaging requirements should be clearly stated

What are the advantages of our factory in custom PVC Fridge magnets?

  • Competitive price, high standard quality
  • Quick quote
  • Free artwork design
  • 24 hours online service

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