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New employee orientation July 11,2019.

On July 5, 2019, our company organized the first phase of new employee induction training. The training instructor is served by Wang Feng, the general manager of our company. The training was actively carried out under the enthusiasm of the general manager, and a total of 20 new employees participated.

The morning training kicked off in the excitement of Wang’s passion to explain the corporate culture. During the period, the company introduced the corporate culture, corporate philosophy and talent concept.

Development history, existing teams and other chapters. Every employee from all departments listened to the attention and carefully recorded the notes. Next, in order to promote mutual exchanges between new employees in various departments and to cultivate team combat capabilities, Manager Wang arranged an interactive mini-game, “left and right hands”. Because of the first contact, everyone was nervous and unfamiliar. Through the game, everyone can become relaxed and comfortable. In the process, not only the new employees have the ability to move their brains, but also the teamwork ability of colleagues has improved. The most important thing is to promote mutual understanding and build a happy work. relationship. In the last section of the morning, the new staff required courses, and Manager Wang explained the employee handbook and company rules and regulations with great interest.

In the afternoon, Mr. Wang gave a detailed presentation of the new employees to the production process and different processes of different products. For the bracelet, ribbon, pvc products, hardware products and other products to make a detailed explanation. In the final session, Manager Wang represents the company's expectations for new employees: the company's evaluation of an employee is not only about looking at the process effort, but also depends on whether it can produce performance, achieve goals, and each time in the process of accomplishing the target task. An employee must learn to report and communicate actively, and be proactive in discovering, analyzing, summarizing and solving problems, and be truly innovative, professional, caring and sharing.

Our company has continued to grow and develop, and we are paying more and more attention to the input and cultivation of talents. On-the-job training is an important guide for employees to become familiar with themselves, adapt to the organizational environment, accurately position their roles, and give full play to themselves. Colleagues, our company knows that the administrative department will continue to do the training work for employees at all stages, and provide sufficient fertilizer and sunshine for our talents. The training event was successfully concluded at 17:30.

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