Introduction to Lanyard Products

A lanyard is a custom product that is common in life. Work lanyards, mobile lanyards, wrist straps, etc. are all lanyard products.

At present, the most common lanyard materials are polyester and nylon. Polyester is the most common material. The price is suitable. It is suitable for most buyers. The nylon surface is smooth and bright, and the raw material cost is high. Therefore, the unit price is higher, which is suitable for more grand occasions. The sizes that are popular with the public are 90015mm and 90020mm.

The biggest advantage of lanyards is to follow up on different places of use and customize different designs/accessories and sizes. Among them, silk screen printing is commonly used in plain belts, nylon belts, hollow belts, and reflective belts, but the logo color is relatively monotonous. Generally, there are two kinds of bottoming and no bottoming. If the bottom is made, the LOGO three-dimensional feeling will be better and smoother, and more color. Moreover, it can prevent the color from penetrating into the inside during printing; the thermal transfer is usually used in the polyester belt, the surface is smooth, and the touch is soft, suitable for the logo with bright colors and more colors, the logo is the same as the dyed color, and looks very beautiful. The process is simple, the delivery time is fast, and the market is also very common; the jacquard lanyard adopts the textile process, and the logo is woven together with the lanyard, just like embroidery, the process is more complicated, belonging to the high-grade lanyard, the cost is high, but the color of the LOGO is added to the background color. Can’t exceed four colors.The accessories of the lanyard are also very diverse, and the paparazzi/goose buckle/lobster buckle/safety buckle/plastic buckle is very popular among customers.

Do you want to customize your lanyard? Come and contact us, we will do a private order for you!


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