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[Happy News] Congratulations to Desent's company for winning several awards in the Hundred Regiments! October 26,2019.

The list of winners of the Hundred Regiments in September 2019 was freshly released, and the winners of the eight major awards were announced. Desent, in the "Hundred Regiments" PK matchup held in Alibaba, was outstanding. The number of orders on several daily orders reached the top, and he was repeatedly awarded the "Accomplishment Award", "Little Bee" and "Lightning Star" awards.

In 2019, the Hundred Regiments Battle was co-sponsored by organizations such as the Alibaba platform. It aims to promote the pioneering model of cross-border e-commerce in the business competition, promote the optimization and upgrading of e-commerce enterprises, and build an interactive bridge between platforms and businesses to promote China's foreign trade. The industry's long-term development contributes. Desent has won several awards for its first time. It is a professional trend and a strength. It is also the recognition and encouragement of the industry and customers. We will continue to adhere to the principle of "honesty, professionalism". In the field of customized promotional gifts, we constantly explore and innovate to provide our customers with the most valuable products and services!

Desent actively explores advanced promotional gift customization concepts, innovative solutions in the process of customizing products, providing a full-scale, pragmatic decision-making solution for demanders in the promotional gift industry, providing scientific planning, precision production, and efficient operation solutions for each customer. Provide the most ideal custom gift. Starting from China and exploring the world, every step of Decent has gone a long way.

Because of concentration, so professional! With the continuous expansion of business scale, Desent has teamed up with companies with professional SGS qualifications and companies with professional design experience, and combined with domestic and international authoritative senior experts and professional technical team to integrate superior resources and establish alliance system. To provide one-stop customized gift consulting services for the majority of promotional gift users, sellers, operators and so on.

In 2019, Desent will continue to use its actions to adhere to its mission and make unremitting efforts to build a modern foreign trade company that is "green, convenient, efficient, humanistic, distinctive, and temperature-oriented" in the future!

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