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Group travel activities of the company August 17,2019.

     In the summer, suitable for the season of travel, the trip to Dabie Mountain of Hefei Decent International Trade Co., Ltd. begins!

   On a sunny Saturday, everyone wore a uniform T-shirt, from Hefei to Hubei, all the way to laughter, and it took 4 hours to reach the destination paradise village Dabie Mountain.

The most famous in the Paradise Village is the Dabie Mountain. The Dabie Mountain is the watershed of the Huaihe River and the Yangtze River. It is a Chinese AAAAA-level scenic spot, with the highest peak exceeding 1,700 meters. Come to the main peak and take the cableway to the mountainside. The cableway is the rest area, overlooking the mountain. Everyone is deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery in front of us. The clouds are haunted, the mountains and green waters, the scattered houses, the look up, the mountains, the blue sky, the marshmallows. Baiyun, like a fairyland on earth. Walking up the mountain road, the narrow mountain road can only be paralleled by 2 people, and the handrails are cliffs, which makes people feel scared and step by step. Ascend to the top of the mountain and look into the distance. Every flower and tree has an aura, and the magical work of nature makes people feel awe. It is easy to go down the mountain, and the stairs are steep and rugged. Everyone helps each other. In turn, they reach the foot of the mountain safely. The day's itinerary ends unconsciously.

    The next day we came to the famous Luotian Jinshi River. The drifting project here was thrilling. Two people were kayaking and doing safety measures. The staff released the kayak and flowed down the river. The lush trees, the clear water of the river, the cool ice and ice, quickly reached the most thrilling 30-meter shoal, the water speed became faster, the dinghy quickly rushed down, the river violently tapped and the body and face, let people stop Unspeakable loud screams, the entire drifting process through the rapids and shoals, exciting and fun. About an hour of rafting is over. After changing to clean clothes, everyone is reluctant to step on the way home.

  Looking forward to the next trip!


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