What Is The World’s First Silicone Bracelet?

It is a yellow “LIVESTRONG” silicone bracelet that is related to a racer. His name is Armstrong. As of July 25, 2004, he has become the first in the history of the 100-year Tour de France. “The crown king”, was regarded as a self-improving spiritual idol by many Americans. However, before September 1996, the 25-year-old Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer and spread to the lungs and brain. Only 50% chance of survival. He knows the preciousness of life. He is not willing to bow to his fate. He wants to hold his throat and can’t succumb to the injustice of this fate. He knows the difficulties and pains he may face, he is constantly struggling in the fear of death, and he is tenaciously defeated. It’s the real courage to choose this path and be able to overcome yourself. A hero who can defeat himself and not fear death. He will return to participate in the competition after only one year of treatment, and the god of fate will open to him at this time. He smiled. In 1999, he won the championship of the Tour de France, and then successfully defended every year.

In order to help more people get rid of the pain of cancer, in December 1996, Armstrong set up a foundation named after him in his hometown to help all people with cancer find competent doctors, appropriate treatments, and severe experiences. The courage and optimism of the test.

Prior to the Tour de France in May 2005, the Lance Armstrong Foundation teamed up with the sponsor Nike and designed the yellow wrist ring by Nike. They made a total of 5 million yellow wrist rings, each priced at one dollar. The wristband is made of rubber-like silicone, which is also printed with Armstrong’s famous “Live Strong”, which also means “the enthusiasm of “energetic Strong”). By mid-July, the first batch of yellow wrist rings sold out, and the newly-built 6 million units had already sold more than half. All proceeds from the sale of these wristbands are donated to the Armstrong Foundation. During the Tour de France, thousands of spectators wore yellow wristbands, which became the symbol of the Armstrong yellow jersey. So the first one in the world was born. The yellow “LIVESTRONG”, the common purpose of all people wearing this bracelet is to fight disease cancer and make life stronger!

LIVESTRONG represents a spirit, the spirit of fighting the fate, the indomitable, self-improving spirit.


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