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Fighting of novel coronavirus March 21,2020.
In January of 2020, a sudden outbreak took away the joy of the New Year. This is a war without smoke, related to people's health. At the time of the outbreak, it was the Spring Festival. On the day when we were supposed to visit friends and relatives, but we canceled all the party activities, everyone stayed at home, we cooperated with the government to fight the virus. After the first confirmed case in Wuhan, the government took emergency measures, closing cities, closing villages and canceling all crowd gathering activities. Severely curb all possible routes for the virus to spread. Although the symptoms of novel coronavirus infection are not severe, mild cases are similar to cold flu, with a fatality rate of only about 2%, but it has a very high transmission capacity. This has seriously affected People's Daily life and the country's economic development. So fighting the virus cannot be ignored. The outbreak mainly area is wuhan in hubei province, where medical workers from provinces and cities have volunteered to go to the front line and many enterprises have donated supplies. In order to effectively isolate the infected patients, wuhan quickly established emergency hospitals such as vulcan mountain and Raytheon mountain, which only took 10 to 18 days. People all over the country actively cooperate with the government, independent isolation at home, go out must wear masks. So far, the spread of the virus has been clearly controlled and the situation has improved significantly. There are already many provinces and cities in China that have no new confirmed patients, and most of the confirmed patients have recovered. Most of the company's factories have resumed work under the direction of the government. But we still insist on daily protection, reduce crowd gathering activities, wear masks, wash hands and so on. Protecting yourself is also protecting others. The outbreak in China is under control, but unfortunately there are large outbreaks in many countries around the world. We are providing supplies to people abroad and we are also sending experts to deal with the new coronavirus. Fighting the outbreak is not only a matter for China, but also for the people of the world. It is everyone's duty to win the battle. We need to strengthen our confidence and work together as one. Spring is coming, we believe soon be able to take off our masks, take to the streets and gather together.
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