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Desent Trade Contest Wins First Place December 5,2019.
Warm congratulations to Desent Trade Company for winning the first place in this Alibaba trade competition event
Winning this award is inseparable from the efforts of our lovely colleagues, who worked hard during the day to get the order.
In the evening, they stayed up all night and fought to obtain an order at 12 pm. This award was inseparable from their hard work and dedication.
This hard-won ranking is the company's affirmation and recognition of our work, and it is every madness of the team this month
At the awards ceremony, we shouted the slogan of Desent first, and took a neat step to receive the award.
Each of us is excited, and we are passionate and determined ...
Results only represent the past, we need to work harder, and this honor will also be the driving force that leads us to a new height.
In the future, we will do better, continue to struggle, develop new products, and make our platform products more colorful.

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