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Desent's campaign executive position November 13,2019.

In order to better mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, motivate employees, and provide a platform for employees to fully utilize their talents, our company began to implement the system of employee selection and promotion, and promoted the in-service competition.

On November 7th, 2019, Hefei Desent International Trading Co., Ltd. ushered in the annual competent competition. Through the strict work evaluation of the contestants, our company selected 4 outstanding business leaders to serve as 2020 respectively.

Our company implements a strict talent selection system, which not only gives employees the opportunity, but also accommodates more talents for the company, so that they can develop their strengths and find their own platform. It is believed that through this internal training mechanism, employees can be motivated to constantly challenge and surpass themselves in their work. While achieving self, they also make due contributions to the company, progress together with the company, and grow together. We also believe Several new business leaders will bring new glory.

At the same time, the general manager put forward ardent expectations and requirements for the candidates for promotion: I hope that they will continue to strengthen their learning, improve their overall quality, and strive to carry forward the team spirit in the new management positions, play a leading role, learn more from the old employees, and strive for Get more results in returning to the company and provide better service to customers.

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