Desent Banquet

The 2020 Hefei Decent Annual Conference and Company Commendation Conference was held on January 18, 2020. The Lunar New Year was grandly held in Victory Square.

With the participation of all members of the company, the Aihai Hall venue is fully equipped, the theme is red and yellow, and there is no shortage of colorful decorations.

This is due to the careful planning and execution of various colleagues, who contributed.

There were a total of five large tables on the court, and the scenery on the stage was full.

The core of this annual meeting is naturally a wonderful program carefully prepared by employees, interspersed with sweepstakes and commendations, with a tight rhythm and reasonable arrangement.

The emotions of the audience were mobilized with excitement, joy, anticipation, and surprise, which showed that our company’s business will be booming and the business will flourish in the coming year.

Check out our extensive annual conference program below:

First of all, the dance skewers brought by the king group, “Old Disco”, on the first show, the members of the group’s vibrant dance, accompanied by colorful lights, gave a good start to the entire annual meeting, the atmosphere of the venue was quick “Fried” hot!

by the single group of “Harry Baby”, our emotions were also stimulated, by General Manager Wang and Manager Song, chorus interpretation of the song “We are all dreamers”, their wonderful singing show Set the tone of this annual meeting: youth, upward, hard work, dare to dream. This was by a show of the Beyond Group, a cross-talk with a laughter score from the operation group, a solo artist, a sitcom “Stemmer”, a demonstrator of the Beyond Group, a slapstick “Four Talents” and so on.

In addition, the annual meeting also praised the outstanding employees of this year and launched a lottery, which surprised everyone and applauded.


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