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Congratulations Desent Speech Contest Winners May 6,2019.

On June 30, the English Speech Contest themed by the "New Era, New Action" of the company successfully closed. The General Manager Wang Feng, the Deputy General Manager Alisa Song and other leaders of the company attended the contest. 13 competitors from sales and marketing team fully showed the good image of the Desent Gift Factory's employees achieving the international-oriented and vigorous upward objectives with the outstanding performance.

During the contest, Cynthia said in the speech that: We are honored to witness the huge changes of the motherland and how to make contributions for the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation is a big problem, which is worth our thought. Mora expressed that: As the new era is close at hand, our big family will certainly be united and concentric to make all contributions for achievement in the new era. The new employee mentioned that: The Desent Gift Factory's youth keeps forging ahead all the time and faces the challenge, making us always on the road of pursuing the new action. Sunnt said that: "A game of chess, an account book, integrated-type, one-key, one mind" is a new requirement of Desent realizing the deep integration, and in such new era full of strivers, Desent people must firmly grasp the new opportunity and make another splendid achievement! Relying on the production and operation of the company and combined with their own post, the competitors freely talked out the understanding and experience, and make their own interpretation for the speech theme - "New Era, New Action", making their excellent performance win the intermittent applause from the audience.

Through the fierce competition, Cynthia won the first prize, Mori won the second prize,  others won the third prize in the Speech Contest.

The company's General Manager Wang Feng participated in the whole course and carefully listened to the wonderful speech of each competitor, and made comments for all competitors one by one in the summary, meanwhile, she also highly evaluated the wonderful works from the aspects of organization, services, details, safeguard in the contest. She pointed out that the Speech Contest is a stage of all the employees showing the self-style, an important form of encouraging everyone speaking English and using English and an effective means of strengthening the team construction and promoting the deep integration. She emphasized that taking this event as an opportunity; everyone can effectively improve its own speech skills and further create the good atmosphere of "Speaking out" in the company. She required that the masses of employees shall further find the correct position for work, and consciously carry out and service in the international business of the company to give priority to develop the strategy, making greater contributions for sustainable and healthy development of Desent.

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