Christmas Free Design Artwork

The Christmas season is coming!

This is a warm reminder from Desent. Christmas is here and time is passing. You need to find the perfect custom gift!

However, don’t worry, Desent will customize a perfect year-end gift/advertising gift for you. Whether you want to use our customized products to get the festive screams at the office party, or you want to use our customized promotional gifts to bring good memories and bits and pieces of the Christmas season, we have almost provided you with this season. Everything you need for Christmas.

The best time, come to Desent!

Custom Silicone Bracelet & Custom 2D / 3D Keychain PVC

A joyful gift this year, our custom bracelet will surely convey the spirit of Christmas Day to everyone! A variety of colors and crafts are available. You can customize your company logo, personalized design drawings, and so on. Colorful and unique style silicone bracelets will embellish your wonderful Christmas.

Party Ribbon

Available in 4 popular holiday colors and 3 webbing sizes. Choose your ribbon color, customize your text and graphics, and add a personal touch to your holiday parties, company events, market events, advertising promotions. For a text and graphic colors and customization processes, please refer to the LANYARD section and contact us.


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