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  • PVC luggage tag Sep 07, 2019
    Often in the airport, public transport railways, stations and other places need to carry luggage and will use some signs with signs. There are many kinds of materials for this kind of brand. There are letters, numbers, codes and other markers on the top to distinguish some passengers from such things as depositing or collecting things. People often say that address cards, registration cards, label...
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  • Kitchen artifact - silicone fresh lid set of 6 Aug 01, 2019
    According to research, in the past 20 years, only 7% of plastic recycling can be converted into new plastics. There are still 8 million tons of waste plastics entering the sea every year. It is expected that by 2050, there will be more plastics in the ocean than fish. After charging from the supermarket's shopping bags, environmental protection once again awakens our subconscious. However, even if...
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  • Notebook product introduction Jul 25, 2019
    This business leather notebook is made of high-quality PU materials. The commonly used specifications are A5, A6, which are custom-made. The universal colors include black, brown, blue and dark brown. The colors can also be customized. The notebook is packed in paperback, suitable for enterprises and institutions to customize, customers can rest assured to map custom, logo imprint is clear, strong...
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  • Silicone food storage bag Jul 19, 2019
    Dear Client, Today we are going to introduce our factory hotsale products:silicone food storage bag. Silicone food storage bag is made of 100% eco -friendly silicone materail.We provide three existing mouldes,size is :500ml/1000ml/1500ml. Red,Green,White,Blue color are available. We also accept pantone color customized service.This product is currently very popular in Amazon,since it has many...
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  • Which craft you can choose for your medals Jul 02, 2019
    Here are six ways common craft for medal,   1.Soft enamel. Almost clients choose it. because all kinds of color options can be designed as your request.   2.Hard enamel. More smooth surface than soft enamel and also plenty of color can be choose.   3.Epoxy overlay. Epoxy overlay is used to be made after printing LOGO,  this way make medal looks more beautiful and good perspecti...
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  • Metal keychain introduction Jun 27, 2019
    The keychain is very common in our daily life. It is exquisite and compact, with various shapes. It can match your own key with your favorite keychain, which not only reflects your personality and taste, but also brings more to our daily life. Pleasant mood. Let's take a quick look at this product. First, the key ring production materials. Metal keychains include brass, white iron, zinc alloy, sta...
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  • For better cooperation between suppliers and customers Jun 18, 2019
    We are a professional custom gift factory, for customer's inquiry, before the salesman provide quote information, customer needs to provide detailed product information to us, so that sales team can provide professional offer specific information normally contains the following parts: 1. The product material, product size, the Logo color, size of the Logo and printing requirements, delivery, packa...
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  • Introduction to main lanyard types Jun 10, 2019
    Thermal transfer is the best webbing process for full-color custom designs. If your custom design has a complex pattern, then this style is the perfect choice. This webbing will perfectly present your complexity and fully demonstrate your involvement. Charm. Compared with traditional crafts, thermal transfer is made into a silky webbing product by hot pressing instead of screen printing. The polye...
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  • What is the world's first silicone bracelet? Jun 04, 2019
    It is a yellow "LIVESTRONG" silicone bracelet that is related to a racer. His name is Armstrong. As of July 25, 2004, he has become the first in the history of the 100-year Tour de France. "The crown king", he was regarded as a self-improving spiritual idol by many Americans. However, before September 1996, the 25-year-old Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer and spread to the lungs and ...
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