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Which craft you can choose for your medals Jul 02, 2019

Here are six ways common craft for medal,


1.Soft enamel. Almost clients choose it. because all kinds of color options can be designed as your request.


2.Hard enamel. More smooth surface than soft enamel and also plenty of color can be choose.


3.Epoxy overlay. Epoxy overlay is used to be made after printing LOGO,  this way make medal looks more beautiful and good perspective.


4.Without color fill. Most easy way to show the impressive statue for antique finishes, very classical and solemn, also very popular among clients.


5.Silk screen. It is a used to solve LOGO that can not be painted or carved.


6.Glow in the night or dark. Glow in the dark effect is very special for many client.


Medal price depend on design, size and its craft, only after confirmed these, factory can check exact offer for you. if you not sure which way to make your design, just tell us, we will send effect pictures to show their difference or recommend according to your budget. Medal is memorable always, just come to order it !

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