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  • PVC luggage tag Sep 07, 2019
    Often in the airport, public transport railways, stations and other places need to carry luggage and will use some signs with signs. There are many kinds of materials for this kind of brand. There are letters, numbers, codes and other markers on the top to distinguish some passengers from such things as depositing or collecting things. People often say that address cards, registration cards, label...
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  • Custom soft PVC Rubber fridge magnet Sep 20, 2019
    Custom soft PVC Rubber fridge magnet,refrigerator magnets Fridge magnets are an amazing  Promotional & Branding product as they catch the customers eyes each time the Fridge is opened whether by kids or Adults.Fridge magnets made from soft PVC can accommodate virtually any design requirement you have.Fridge magnets  are very popular for fridge,desk,bookshelf,  cabinet, coun...
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  • PVC Fridge magnets Sep 28, 2019
    PVC Fridge magnets is a very popular advertising gift, especially suitable for: kitchen products, hotels, restaurants as advertising promotional gifts. Why PVC Fridge magnets are popular mainly because of its following advantages: 1. Bright colors 2. Various shapes, can customize cartoons, landscapes, corporate logos and other patterns 3. Excellent quality, strong magnet adsorption, not a one-time...
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  • Christmas free design artwork Dec 20, 2019
    Christmas season is coming! This is a warm reminder from Desent. Christmas is here and time is passing. You need to find the perfect custom gift! However, don't worry, Desent will customize a perfect year-end gift / advertising gift for you. Whether you want to use our customized products to get the festive screams at the office party, or you want to use our customized promotional gifts to bring g...
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  • Good Products, Good Feedback - Desentgifts Apr 24, 2020
    All the time, the silicone bracelets and PVC keychains we produced are very popular, Desentgifts can make them according to people's company LOGO, text and currently popular sign, then people can take it to anywhere they will go, cartoon image and simplified picture also can be customized, Our goal is to make every customer satisfy their goods, and we did it. everyone like them very much, so we ha...
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  • PVC Gifts Recommended Oct 19, 2021
    PVC Gifts Recommended PVC gifts are very common in our daily lives. They are exquisite and compact, with various shapes. They can be made into keychains, pins, labels, Velcro, luggage tags, refrigerator magnets. Matching your favorite PVC labels to your clothes and hats can not only reflect your own personality and taste, but also bring more joy to our daily lives. Let's take a brief look at this ...
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