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Metal Lapel pin Jan 03, 2020

Metal brooch introduction

Brooches are very common in our daily life. It is exquisite, small, and diverse in shape. Matching your favorite brooch to your clothes and hats can not only reflect your own personality and taste, but also bring more to our daily life. Pleasant mood. Let's take a brief look at this Metal Lapel pin.

Frist. Materials for making brooches.

Metal brooches include brass, white iron, zinc alloy, stainless steel and other materials. Brooches made of copper are the most expensive, and iron is relatively cheaper. Brooches made of metal are generally surface-treated, plated with titanium, zinc, copper, nickel, chromium, gold, tin, silver, etc .; electroplated alloys include: zinc alloy, tin alloy, copper alloy, etc., which can increase it The beautiful effect can also achieve the effects of rust and wear.

Second, the shape of the brooch.

As a kind of decoration worn on clothes and hats, brooches have various shapes, such as cartoon shapes, brand shapes, and various imaginable craft shapes.

Third, the brooch technology.

Metal brooches are a type of badge production. The manufacturing process includes various badge making processes, such as stamping, electroplating, lacquering, enamel, printing and bite printing.

In addition, the brooch is also widely used. In addition to its most basic decorative functions, it also has the functions of commemoration, publicity, and promotion. At present, many company anniversary celebrations, company gifts, school graduation commemorations, etc. are customized brooches, such as designing your company's logo or company image on the brooch, or printing your graduation School as a commemorative or promotional item. Another example is the brooch for tourism commemoration, which can print beautiful tourist attractions on the surface of the brooch, which can completely reproduce the tourist attractions, both as a memorial and as a propaganda function.

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