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  • What are my plating options for challenge coin? Nov 29, 2021
    What Are My Plating Options?  With Desent Gift metal coins, you have the ability to choose from eight different coin plating options.  Each offers its own unique look and feel to your custom challenge coin.  Gold Plating A lot of the gold you come into contact with on a daily basis is plated or gold filled as opposed to pure solid gold. This is because items plated in gold as oppose...
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  • How to choose a suitable pins supplier? Nov 15, 2021
    How to choose a suitable pins supplier? Choosing a pin supplier is to ensure that the pin supplier is required to continue to meet the pre-set quality standards, to ensure that the pin is produced on time, and at the same time, to conduct a regular and scientific study on the pin supplier according to the carefully formulated quality and delivery standards evaluation.   The fast, continuous, ...
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  • From Photos To Finished Coins Nov 02, 2021
    From Photos To Finished Coins 1.Put forward your ideas. If you are not sure where to start. Our artists are happy to make something completely original from scratch with something as simple as a bullet list of items, but to really get the most out of the experience, it helps to have some solid ideas prepared. Some of our customers will prepare the artwork in advance, while other customers send us ...
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  • Halloween Gift Recommendations Oct 12, 2021
    Halloween Gifts Would you like to know the best alternative Halloween gifts Halloween season is right around the corner, and that means a whole lot of candy is going to be dumped into trick-or-treaters’ candy baskets. 1. Halloween Felt Bag Halloween Character Basket Felt Bag Candy Sweets Designs Vary DIY Halloween Felt Treat Bag - Crafting DIY Felt Character Halloween Favor Bags 30 DIY. Well-made ...
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