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  • More information of Challenge Coin May 30, 2019
    Commemorative coins are legal tender issued by a country to commemorate international or national political, historical, cultural and other important events, outstanding figures, places of interest, rare animals and plants, sports events and so on. It includes ordinary commemorative COINS and precious metal commemorative coins. Quality is generally refined, limited release. Commemorative coinsare ...
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  • Which craft you can choose for your medals Jul 02, 2019
    Here are six ways common craft for medal,   1.Soft enamel. Almost clients choose it. because all kinds of color options can be designed as your request.   2.Hard enamel. More smooth surface than soft enamel and also plenty of color can be choose.   3.Epoxy overlay. Epoxy overlay is used to be made after printing LOGO,  this way make medal looks more beautiful and good perspecti...
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  • Metal Lapel pin Jan 03, 2020
    Metal brooch introduction Brooches are very common in our daily life. It is exquisite, small, and diverse in shape. Matching your favorite brooch to your clothes and hats can not only reflect your own personality and taste, but also bring more to our daily life. Pleasant mood. Let's take a brief look at this Metal Lapel pin. Frist. Materials for making brooches. Metal brooches include brass, white...
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