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For better cooperation between suppliers and customers Jun 18, 2019

We are a professional custom gift factory, for customer's inquiry, before the salesman provide quote information, customer needs to provide detailed product information to us, so that sales team can provide professional offer specific information normally contains the following parts:

1. The product material, product size, the Logo color, size of the Logo and printing requirements, delivery, packaging requirements, ask the clerk in the transport in view of the above information after a detailed quotation, attached sample photos, confirm whether to offer product with the customers

At the same time, the salesperson's inquiry for the customer mainly does the following:
1. Respond promptly
2. According to the customer's inquiry information, the price is quoted. If the target price is exceeded, the most economical proposal is given within the target price range.
3. Due to the price change of raw materials, the quotation is marked as valid.

Note on ordering:
1. Confirm artwork: product size, logo color, product material, printing process, packaging requirements and delivery date
2. If the customer requests prenatal samples, they can provide
3. Report the progress of the order in time

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