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  • For better cooperation between suppliers and customers Jun 18, 2019
    We are a professional custom gift factory, for customer's inquiry, before the salesman provide quote information, customer needs to provide detailed product information to us, so that sales team can provide professional offer specific information normally contains the following parts: 1. The product material, product size, the Logo color, size of the Logo and printing requirements, delivery, packa...
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  • Which craft you can choose for your medals Jul 02, 2019
    Here are six ways common craft for medal,   1.Soft enamel. Almost clients choose it. because all kinds of color options can be designed as your request.   2.Hard enamel. More smooth surface than soft enamel and also plenty of color can be choose.   3.Epoxy overlay. Epoxy overlay is used to be made after printing LOGO,  this way make medal looks more beautiful and good perspecti...
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  • How to choose a suitable pins supplier? Nov 15, 2021
    How to choose a suitable pins supplier? Choosing a pin supplier is to ensure that the pin supplier is required to continue to meet the pre-set quality standards, to ensure that the pin is produced on time, and at the same time, to conduct a regular and scientific study on the pin supplier according to the carefully formulated quality and delivery standards evaluation.   The fast, continuous, ...
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