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Effective prevention of novel coronavirus, WE ARE TOGETHER Apr 08, 2020
Effective prevention of novel coronavirus is an important thing for everyone to be vigilant against. Desent has taken effective measures to prevent novel coronavirus, such as disinfection 3-5 times a day, Measure employees' temperature three times a day.  All employees wear masks and go to work online to reduce oral communication.

The most important thing for us to prevent infection is to wear a mask. Especially during the outbreak of new coronavirus, each of us must wear a mask to protect ourself. If the mask is contaminated or used for more than four hours, it should be replaced promptly.

Our masks are 3ply disposable face masks, the material is Non-woven fabric and melt-blown fabric. And through many tests, got CE ,FDA and other certificates regarding materials and quality. Can effectively prevent infection, dust, smog, etc. Recently we have exported large quantities masks to many countries, and got many good comments from our customers. During this important time, it is a necessity for each of us.

disposable face mask

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