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Custom soft PVC Rubber fridge magnet Sep 20, 2019

Custom soft PVC Rubber fridge magnet,refrigerator magnets

Fridge magnets are an amazing  Promotional & Branding product as they catch the customers eyes each time the Fridge is opened whether by kids or Adults.Fridge magnets made from soft PVC can accommodate virtually any design requirement you have.Fridge magnets  are very popular for fridge,desk,bookshelf,  cabinet, counter etc decorate.

Add your business logo to use it in promotional campaigns. Soft rubber PVC can be made in any shape you can think of: round, square, or custom shaped (die cut).A great feature of PVC products is the ability of giving them a 3D look (a quality of puffiness) that brings a ‘real life’ look.

Think about it: your company logo on someone’s fridge. That’s a lot of impressions.

It is time to make your own refrigerator magnets with soft magnets backing.You can show your design to us,or full customization is available.


What’s do We Need to Know About Custom Rubber Fridge Magnet

Refrigerator magnet style: 2D&3D design

Give your fridge magnets a unique personality with a 3D design(or fake look with 2D layers)2d design means 2d layers,3d design means 3d layers.


One of the reasons people like love PVC is the almost infinite design possibilities, being able to have layers on top of layers, or below layers, can give your PVC refrigerator magnet an outstanding look. A sort of 3-dimensional look.


Custom refrigerator magnet at any size

Why do people choose PVC instead of plastic or printed fridge magnet? Design flexibility and adaptability.
We can make them in any size and any shape. We say no to standard sizes and shapes.
No more 2″ circles or rectangles (unless you want to).
Most of our soft rubber fridge are made in a custom shape, outlining your design.



Refrigerator magnet Backing

Normal use adhesive magnet for backing, also we can offer hard strong magnet.

Same as design shape magnet,or small size magnet for you choose.

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