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  • How to Use Promo Products Effectively in 2019 Apr 10, 2019
    Promotional products are a great start for making 2019 a year of success, but you’ll want to use them effectively in order to maximize your investment. Yes, promotional products are an investment and you just need to put emphasis on the methods. Here are five ways you can include promotional items in your Year 2019 marketing strategy to start attracting new clients. I. Promote from Within Your emp...
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  • Notebook product introduction Jul 25, 2019
    This business leather notebook is made of high-quality PU materials. The commonly used specifications are A5, A6, which are custom-made. The universal colors include black, brown, blue and dark brown. The colors can also be customized. The notebook is packed in paperback, suitable for enterprises and institutions to customize, customers can rest assured to map custom, logo imprint is clear, strong...
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  • Introduction to lanyard products Nov 07, 2019
    lanyard is a custom product that is common in life. Work lanyards, mobile lanyards, wrist straps, etc. are all lanyard products. At present, the most common lanyard materials are polyester and nylon. Polyester is the most common material. The price is suitable. It is suitable for most buyers. The nylon surface is smooth and bright, and the raw material cost is high. Therefore, the unit price is hi...
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