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2020 Desent Annual Conference January 21,2020.
    On January 18, 2020, all employees of Hefei Desent Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. held a 2020 Orientation Party with the theme of "Stars and Seas, Forging Forward" at the Hefei Hotel. Nearly 100 employees gathered together to celebrate the ceremony .

    At the annual meeting, the company leaders first sent a New Year message to all employees, expressing their deep concern for Desent employees and their expectations for the company's development. At the same time, the leaders and employees sang "I and My Motherland" together to make people progress. It is believed that the company will go to a new level in 2020.
    The first half of the annual meeting was mainly exciting performances and exciting sweepstakes. The live show was exciting, with choruses, dances, sketches, stage plays and other climaxes on the scene.

    The second half is the dinner time, which is mainly based on awards, including business elite awards, outstanding employee awards, and more exciting awards. The Decent family feel the warm atmosphere together, and look forward to the company's new The high target soars.
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